Quiet off the main street View Hill Domain, located about 8km west of little town called Oxford.
There were interesting animal sounds in the beginning and the wind picked up as time went, started swirling around the trees and made chaotic sound towards the end.
This was first time I tried to get rid of any human made noise from my recording. Being how secluded this place was, it was rather easier to achieve that.
When I set it up, I didn't notice any animal sound but later in post processing, it was an interesting finding. Then the wind picked up.
Wind was quite interesting. I have cut off all the vehicle noise (there wasn't much to cut off really) and I know there was no airplane flying past at the time of me being there. But when the wind picked up and started swirling around the trees, it sounded like a mad airplane flying past.
I loved the sound from the wind, I didn't want to cut it away from the clip, which made this rather a long one.
I thought I'd get some very quiet ambient from this. Instead, I got a set of quiet animal sound, which was great, and a madness of the swirling wind. It was amazing.
I know these are not the best quality. I didn't use the best gear my setup was not really professional, but that's not the point.
There is a saying in photography "the best camera is the one you have with you". I think it goes the same here as well. My gears or setup is not the best, but hey, here I am actually recording and capturing the moment. And now it's here.

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